Sarna Marcus

SOMETIMES I WORK WITH RECTANGULAR SHAPESstacked masses one on top of the other. Sometimes they are contained by membranes, sometimes not. They exert pressure one against the other, against the edges of the canvas, against the picture plane itself. Where they touch, as in a horizon, there is a reaction. Something happens. Where they don’t, the interstice between the two is charged with tension – tension I continue to explore again and again. 


THE ORBS THAT I PAINTare sometimes seen as seeds, sometimes eggs. I think of them as “seed atoms.” They are filled with an intense energy that exerts pressure outward against the constraining membrane, creating a kind of rapt stasis. Few or numerous—massed together like seeds in a pod, they grow and push, and eventually separate. Escape.

MY FORMAL TRAININGtaught me to work with oil on canvas. I favored working with glazes and will probably return to them again some day. But a few years ago I was introduced to watercolors accidentally. I liked its luminosity and spontaneity and so I continue to explore its possibilities. And while it poses challenges­, I have discovered techniques that create surprises and go beyond my own ideas of what I wish to achieve.